So You Say it was My Birthday?

So You Say it was My Birthday?

Saturday was my birthday. I went out for a little training cruise with some Starfleet cadets, and then a man I haven’t seen if 15 years took over the Starship Reliant… wait, no, that’s Star Trek II. Actually I spent a good chunk of my birthday working, first on a particularly huge project that’s lingering around the studio and then doing caricatures at a kid’s party that night. I can’t say my first choice was to spend a Saturday birthday working, but after thinking about it, it really wasn’t that bad. I mean, I spent my birthday getting paid to do what I love. That’s always a good present.

I did spend time the day before and the day after with my family, friends and loved ones. That’s always the best present.

But, while I’m really not about The Presents, I’ve been lucky to get more than a few excellent presents. Years ago, friends of mine arranged a private showing of Star Trek II for my birthday. I love the stuff that’s something I would never have thought of, and yet when I get it, I think "that’s utterly perfect." And while I appreciated everything I received this weekend, I’ve got to call out two of them.

Who Watches the Watchcookie?My brother Mike got me some cookies. Riffing off something I said after a post-Watchmen trip to Eat-n-Park, he had them make special Watchmen cookies. Eat-n-Park has as a signature item the Smiley Face cookie. Well, Mike had them add a little splot of red to make it more Watchmenesque.

Of course, the real question is: Would Alan Moore eat one? I don’t know.

The other was my cousin Jamie who got me a Married With Children, Season 6 DVD set. I never asked for it. And, while I liked the show, I’m not an uberfan the way I am with, say, Star Trek or Angel. But Jamie remembered that there was one episode of MWC that I thought was just hysterical. The b-plot was Al and Jefferson making a crib. I couldn’t remember the main plot, but the scenes of them making this thing was like a live action Warner Brothers cartoon, and I can’t remember many times I laughed harder.

But, only knowing the B-plot, I could never find it when it reaired in syndication. Jamie managed to find it the episode, hampered by the fact that I was wrong about what Al and Jefferson were building. It was actually a workbench. The A-plot was Kelly being invited to a MENSA-like party as a goof. The episode is entitled Hi-Q, and having watched it last night, it’s still pretty funny.

It’s something I never would have gotten myself, but I’m so glad I have it. I may burn it to my iPod, because, y’know, I know ways to do that.

I had a great birthday, and thanks to everyone who was part of it. Friends and family, in person, calls and e-mails. I appreciate it all.

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