In stores now: Love and Capes- Going to the Chapel!

In stores now: Love and Capes- Going to the Chapel!

My fifth season wouldn't be rubbish

The second Love and Capes trade is in stores now! I’ve gotten my copies and it looks pretty good. Issue #7 of the series was the last issue that I thought printed a little dark, and it’s nice to see it printed the way that I meant it to be seen. And the word balloon glitch in issue #10 is fixed, too.

(Full disclosure, pages 120 and 121 are reversed in order. It’s a little speed bump in an otherwise great book, and not all that confusing, really. And, if you all buy enough that we sell through, we can fix it on the reprint.)

I’m thrilled with the IDW people and their collected editions. And, coming soon, IDW will be publishing the new mini-series, Love and Capes: Ever After. I’m working on the second issue of that right now, in fact. Heck, have a panel of it.

Let's get it on

I really dig that image. It’s got just the right feel to it. I love the darker colors and the lighting. It’s always a bit of a challenge to make Mark and Abby work in the same space because of their size difference. The poses are pushed just enough to. Mark’s really putting his weight onhis right hand, and Abby’s leaning back against him just enough.

Anyway, the second trade’s in stores. Please buy it!

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