BRAND-NEW Love and Capes for FREE! (Because I love you all.)

BRAND-NEW Love and Capes for FREE! (Because I love you all.)

Love and Capes FREE for Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and there should be something I could do with Love and Capes. Maybe I could give it away? Nah, that would be stupid. I couldn’t… could I?


For three days only (February 13-15), the great people at The Mary Sue are hosting an all-new, original Love and Capes digital comic! This six-page story is not a preview, not a part of the new IDW series coming later this year, but a brand-new story. It’s an unlocked, shareable PDF file suitable for downloading and sharing. So, you know, download and share. And enjoy.

In fact, the only thing I ask is that you do share it. Share it on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google+. Tell your friends. Give it to your siginifcant other. But share, share, share!

And it’s only available until Wednesday night!

(Also, for those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, this is the Project: Super Secret Ghost Protocol that I mentioned.)

And thank you again to The Mary Sue for hosting the story.

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