MegaCon! Disney! Potter! Me!

MegaCon! Disney! Potter! Me!

If you want to place money that I'll visit the Happiest Place on Earth or Harry Potter World, I would not bet against it

Yeah, life’s rough sometimes. But you could have been a cartoonist, too, but nooooooo, you wanted to play sports and date in high school. Now who’s laughing?

Seriously, I’ll be at MegaCon next weekend set up with the dapper Steve Conley of Bloop fame. I’ll be selling Love and Capes as well as doing commissions? If you want one, now’s a great time to get on the commission list, and it may get fancier if I can start it a little earlier. If you want something, e-mail me at tz (squiggly at) And, if you want a spiffy Love and Capes t-shirt, be sure to order it here.

I’ll also have my limited edition Orlando print at the table, featuring Mark and Abby and some of their friends waiting in line at a legally-obscured indeterminate amusement park. Five of the them are gone already! Click to embiggen, as usual.

Orlando, that's quite a vacation destination

Speaking of which, I’ve still got four more to do this year: San Francisco (which will be the WonderCon print even though it’s in Anaheim this year), Seattle (where I’ll be co-hosting a panel with Ben Thompson), Chicago and Houston. That’s the cycle!

MegaCon is February 17-19. Hope to see you there!

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  1. What? No poster for New York this year? Is this your subtle way of telling your heart-broken NYC-metro fans you’re not going? O, the wailing and the gnashing of teeth!

    • Worry not, my friend! I’m already signed up for The City So Nice They Named It Twice. I’m just not doing a new city-con print after Houston because that will be a year’s worth of shows (I started with Charlotte 2011). I’m looking at other things to do for the new season. For example, I’m thinking of refrigerator magnets with the previous con print on them. Or maybe postcards or some sort of collection of the art. Something like that.

      My full con list is here.

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