Couples Commission: Cyclops and Phoenix

Couples Commission: Cyclops and Phoenix

Today’s couple commission is Cyclops and Phoenix (light version). Cyclops is my favorite X-Man, and I was always disappointed that when I started reading the book he got married and left. That didn’t work out well for him, unfortunately.

Cyclops and the Crazy Redhead

X-Men benefits from a solid core character and Cyke was certainly that. I also think, for as little as he was on camera in the X-Men movies, James Marsden was fantastic. You try acting with your eyes and eyebrows covered. And "If I had to tell you that, she wouldn’t be my girl" is still one of my favorite lines in that movie.

I’m sure I’ve gone on about how much I love Phoenix in other posts. It was fun to draw them together and actually happy. The mirrored "hands to the temple" thing cracks me up, too.

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