Couples Commission: Phantom and Diana

Couples Commission: Phantom and Diana

Con Season will be starting up soon, which means I am starting to tweak my portfolio with some new pieces that can be bought. At the advice of the wise Amy Ratcliffe, I’ve been doing the theme of "couples" and I’m continuing that with this fine pair: The Phantom and Diana from the classic Lee Falk strip.Ghost who walks… Phan… tom…

I love the Phantom. I became a fan of the strip from the first comic I read in the News-Herald’s Sunday comics section. The Phantom was learning about a stegosaurus that he’d found and I was hooked.

I tried to get a little more stylized and a little more Shane Glines on this one. I like the way it came out. And, as with all the stuff that appears here, it’s available for purchase.

I’m going to keep doing couples, but I will also be doing some My Little Pony stuff, too, now that I’m a Pony artist.

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  1. Are you going the full pulp route? Shadow and Margo, Tarzan and Jane, Flash and Dale, Buck and Wilma, etc.?

    • I did a Shadow and Margo last year. I thought I posted it here, but it was only on Twitter:

  2. I love the idea of you doing couples commissions.

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