Drilling for Work

Drilling for Work

This post is going to be about art, but it’s also going to be about the business of art.

I have a great dentist, Dr. Nemeth. And while I like him aNemeth Star Wars Card lot and recommend him highly if you’re in Northeast Ohio, his reminder postcards left a little to be desired. Every six months I’d get one of these things and wince at the cartooning. They were serviceable, to be fair, and did the job. The front had a cartoon and I just didn’t care for it. (Apologies, dear reader, if you’re theone who drew it.)

So, the last time I got my teeth cleaned, I asked him about doing new cards. I proposed caricature cards of him as different cartoon characters with different headlines. As we keep going, we could do new cards. We hammered out a price, and then I Super Nemeth!drew some cards.

You can see them here on this post, and as always, click for biggimization.

Two things about this:

One, the good doctor loved them, and the next time he’s going to a conference, he’s going to bring them and show them to other dentists. That could very well mean more clients and more work for me. That’s all to the good.

Two, I think this is one of the important things about being a freelancer. Sometimes work comes to you, sometimes you have to get the work. I saw an opportunity here, put myself out there, and got Vroom vroom!the job. Hopefully many more jobs.

The great thing about freelancing is the control of your job. But that means taking the reigns, too. Sometimes you have to shake the tress for work. It’s part of the job, and it’s not always my favorite part, but if you’re going to do one, you have to do the other.

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  1. From the Notorious Nitpicker:

    A “reign” is the rule of a monarch. A “rein” is that piece of leather connected to the bit in a horse’s mouth, held by the rider.

    When you take control of a situation, or the direction of an action or actions, it’s known as “taking the reins”. (Picture the western where the person riding with the stagecoach driver has to steer the horses because the driver’s been shot.)

    I can’t think of a situation described as “taking the reigns”, unless you’re part of a revolutionary group that has overthrown several monarchs. (And, speaking of monarchs, there is no such word as “overthrone”…except in puns.)

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