Love and Capes Comixology Sale is on the way!

Love and Capes Comixology Sale is on the way!

IDW and Comixology have arranged for a pretty nice Valentine’s Day present: ALL the issues of Love and Capes, my self-published issues (including the double-sized wedding issue), and both IDW series will be just 99¢ an issue on Valentine’s Day. It’ll be a one-day only sale. You can get the whole series for less than $25.00!

Don’t worry, either. I’ll remind you when it gets closer.

To answer a question I get often, there’s no wrong way to buy Love and Capes. Digital, at your local comic shop, on Amazon, or from me in person at a comic convention… I see money on every transaction and sales get tracked. So do what’s best for you.

Hey! The first six issues are already 99¢. Go ahead and get a head start.

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