Order a Love and Capes T-Shirt! LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Order a Love and Capes T-Shirt! LIMITED TIME ONLY!

You wanted a new Love and Capes t-shirt? You’ve got one!

For those of you who voted, this was option #2, far and away the winner. Thank you so much for your input! It’ll be on a cardinal red 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom tagless shirt, with black and white printing on the front.

Yes! You can have a happy marriage in comics!

Here’s the plan: This is going to be a Kickstarter type project. Shirts will be $10.00 + $5.00 shipping (there is an option to pick them up at a convention and save shipping costs, too). I need to sell 24 shirts to make this happen. At that number and price, that’s what I need to cover the costs. If I don’t make that quantity, I will refund everyone’s money. I’m going to cap the orders at the end of the day, February 14th.

(Hey, that’s Valentine’s Day!)

My hope is that we exceed the 24 number and as the per unit wholesale price drops, I can get extra shirts made to have for sale at comic cons over the course of this year. The extra shirts will sell for $15.00 (plus shipping, if bought on the website).

What I’m also going to do is hand sign every preordered shirt with a permanent fabric marker.

So, spread the word! Order below!

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