Soarin My Little Pony Commission

Soarin My Little Pony Commission

I’ve always been impressed with how the My Little Pony cosplayers manage to graft the design of the ponies to different kinds of costumes. Here, I was hired by a Soarin cosplayer to do a commission of the person and the pony.Soarin Cosplayer

This was a ton of fun. I tried to grab the confidence in both characters as well as match the colors without duplicating them, just so there was a little visual difference between the two.

Soarin X2This is another fine example of someone preordering a commission, too. This will be picked up at C2E2. And yes, I still have space on my list for that show.

Also, this is a fine time to announce to all the Bronies and Pegasisters that I will be at C2E2, but I am not grouped with the Pony Artists. Amy Mebberson, Tony Fleecs, Andy Price and Katie Cook will all be in the L section. I will be at E11. (I figure I’m most identified with Love and Capes, not My Little Pony, hence the distance.) But I will have original art, commissions and all that coolness. Just six rows away.

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