Ten Years Ago Today I Wanted to be a Millionaire

Ten Years Ago Today I Wanted to be a Millionaire

Ten years ago today, the episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? that I was a contestant on aired. It’s pretty amazing to me. First that it’s been ten years, but also that I actually did it and that it had such an effect on my life. I bought my house using my winnings as my down payment. That’s pretty awesome.

It’s not the first time I’ve hit it big. I got engaged to the awesome Amy Ratcliffe this past weekend, a story which I need to share with you all soon. If you’ve been on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve already seen most of it. I’m very lucky in all sorts of ways.

The Millionaire story has been hanging out in the old Con Reports section of my website, but I’ve added it to the blog so that it’s a little more accessible. You can read the full story (written ten years ago) here.

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