Saturday Love and Capes Coupon Deal #sdcc #please RT

Saturday Love and Capes Coupon Deal #sdcc #please RT

This year I’ve decided to do special deal coupons for Comic-Con International. Each of these coupons is good for one day only. Unfortunately, there’s been a bit of a glitch and the PDFs of the coupons didn’t upload. So we’re going to switch to Words of the Day. Say the Word of the Day and get the deal.

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Today’s deal is half off the Rhinos Bowling books! These are my Kickstarter project from last year, a book collecting selected art I’ve done over my freelance career, a lot of things never seen before. The hardcover is $20 (save $20) and the softcover is $12. (Technically, that’s 52% off, but I just don’t want to handle quarters at the booth. My laziess is your gain.)

Today’s word of the day is GIPSY DANGER.

Remember, we’re at Booth 2000!

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