Coming Soon: The Complete Love and Capes!

Coming Soon: The Complete Love and Capes!

The news broke on Twitter last week, but I wanted to officially announce that there will be a Complete Love and Capes collection from IDW this summer. It’s going to include all 24 issues of the series. The only new story page will be the one-page "Hostess" ad I did with Just Jenn (which is the only post-baby story so far). I’m going to put some rarely-seen things in the back matter, including the complete collection of Love and Capes con prints, art done by some comics pros that haven’t been seen before, all the t-shirt designs and more.

It’s going to be quite the package of goodness. You can preorder the book on Amazon here.

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  1. So a Quincy & Mrs. O’Lonegran short adventure isn’t out of the question?

  2. Adventure? Blistering love affair, more like it! (i.e. Quincy’d never survive her…intact, at least)

    And you did mean “The Complete Love and Capes” SO FAR, RIGHT???

  3. Are you going to offer a signed, numbered, sketched special edition from your store?

    You should, you can charge more and probably get it.

  4. Oh, and I have dibs on first signed, numbered (#1 of xx), sketched copy.

  5. Maybe the first four even. Comic book collectors are crazy.

  6. We’re still working the details out with IDW about hardcover/softcover/con exclusives, stuff like that. As soon as I know, I’ll be posting it here!

  7. Just wanted to check if you’ve heard anything new about exclusives from IDW, or even if you’re going to be able to offer the complete on your website (with a bookplate, natch *grin*), and if so, for what price . . .

    -Dr. D.

  8. Did this ever come out. Its been on my Amazon wish list forever.

  9. Pre-ordered it the 24th of May 2014

    Lost track of the number of times Amazon changed the release date

    Anybody got any news on this? What’s the holdup? Any hard date on the horizon? Is anyone still working on getting this published?

  10. Still hoping to hear about a release date

    • It’s been cancelled permanently.

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