I Choo Choo Choose Conventions!

I Choo Choo Choose Conventions!

I’m back from Chattanooga and ConNooga!

It was my first time at the show, and it was a lot of fun. It’s a little show, but it’s one that has a lot of character. You can tell the influence of it being so close to DragonCon, too. There was a definite party track, as I could see outside my hotel room balcony on Friday and Saturday, and the costuming was exquisite!

So you’re prepeared for the 2014 con season, the hot (or cool) trend in costumes is Frozen. Lots of Frozen. If I could get stock in a magenta cape factory, I would be a rich, rich man this year.

I did a couple of kids’ track panels, too. Both my "How to draw My Little Pony" and "Create a Superhero" panel were really well attended. The kids were great and they all did really well. It’s one of my true honors to help foster new talent, if even if such a small way.

I have to thank the Berns, the family who were my handlers for most of the trip and made sure I got to and from the airport and, when I left it at home, made sure I had toothpaste, too. They were even nice enought to take me to see Ruby Falls before I left. It was the coolest cave I’ve ever been to that didn’t have a giant penny and a dinosaur in it. Todd, the con director, treated me really well, too. Check out what was featured on the Saturday badges.

Chattanooga was a nice town. I got the chance to walk around, try some restaurants and Clumper’s Ice Cream, and then walk some more. And I stayed at the Choo Choo Hotel, which is the site of the famous train station, now converted to a pretty neat looking hotel. Some of the railroad cars have been converted to hotel rooms, diners, and more.

Now, I’m going to bask in the two weeks I have off before I have a hat trick of shows in March. Please come see me!

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  1. Sounds like a great show! Looking forward to May so we can catch up!

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