Enter the Long Distance Contest… if you can!

Enter the Long Distance Contest… if you can!

There’s a secret Long Distance contest. Well, the secret is how to enter. The first twenty five people who can figure out how to enter will win this awesome print, featuring the covers for all four issues, standard and variants. It features artwork by Lora Innes, Sean Tiffany, Mike Collins and Tony Fleecs as well as, of course, me.

The contest runs in every issue. Right now about ten people have figured it out, so there are still almost fifteen chances left!

About the Author

Man's man, ladies' man, man about town. Friend to small children and animals. The greatest criminal mind of our time. Occasional cartoonist and writer. Also, very tall.


  1. This is just a diabolical plan to make us reread your awesome comic, isn’t it?

  2. Figured out how to enter a week ago…
    Fingers crossed hoping to hear if I was one of the 25,,
    (Mostly hoping the email stays out of my Spam folder LOL)

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