DragonCon 2015 Recap

DragonCon 2015 Recap

This weekend I attended my fifth DragonCon. I really love this show, and I love it more and more each year. The show is very much defined by the people. Well, the people and the costumes. It’s an amazingly welcoming and fun atmosphere.

This year was a weird year for me, and DragonCon met the challenge and found a way for me to have the best time I’ve ever had there. There were laughter-filled dinners, lots of hugs, card games, and maybe an extra drop or two of alcohol.

I have to call out for special attention my good friend Jesse Jackson, who rose to the challenge, especially on Saturday, and was able to be me on a day when I wasn’t. He sold more books than I did that day. I’m lucky to have him as my booth babe, body man and designated drive… and most importantly as my friend.

It’s because of him I had my biggest DragonCon moment. Jesse has a sketchbook of drawings of actors that he has signed by those celebrities when he meets them. It’s more personal and more original than an 8×10, and the actors seem to get a kick out of it. I’ll let him tell the full story, but the quick version is this: Stephen Amell loved the drawing I did of him. And then he tweeted it out. Ten thousand likes later, here we are.

The costumes are always amazing at this show, too, both in execution and in sheer volume. It’s the only show where I feel like I should be wearing a costume. I love seeing the obscure ones. This year, it’s a tie between Letterman and Brainwave Junior for most niche character.

The photo that accompanies this post is one of my favorite moments. A young girl bought a copy of the latest issue of My Little Pony and immediately started reading it. That she was dressed like Princess Leia was a bonus.

I also did more game-playing and late-night hanging-out than I have in a while. I certainly slept the Odinsleep when I finally got home, but it was totally worth it.

And a huge thank you to my friends, some who I spent a ton of time with, some of whom I only saw in passing, and the new ones whom I just met. Without you, this show wouldn’t be as special as it is.

I hope to see you there next year! I’ll definitely be there.

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  1. We’ve got to visit that show sometime.

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