Amazing Arizona 2016

Amazing Arizona 2016

I just got back from the Amazing Arizona Comic-Con. It’s a bit of a difference, going from walking around in shirt sleeves and writing out by the pool in Phoenix to the admittedly-pretty but very chilly Cleveland tundra.

I had a great time out at the show! I hosted a My Little Pony meet up and got to meet a bunch of fans. We did a trivia contest and some lucky winners went away with some of my art. And then, on Sunday, we had the Pony Hour of Power where I did free sketches for kids ten and under. That was a blast! (Most obscure request: Cheese Sandwich.)

It’s also the first show where I’ve had and sold the Long Distance trade. And the second, and the third… After having worked on that project for so long, it’s nice to see the collection out in the world and finding an audience. Love and Capes continues to sell, too, which is also nice.

I got to hang out with the show crew a little bit more than previous shows, as well. That was a blast! It’s nice getting to see Jimmy and Holly and Erin and Ben and lots of people I’m forgetting, I know, outside the show itself in a more relaxed environment. And Jimmy is a great host!

Best of all, as always, was meeting and seeing friends and fans. I ‘m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but so much of being a cartoonist is isolation, that being able to get out and see people and have discussions is a wonderful thing. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Lastly, this trip seemed a little more foodie than the last. Maybe I’m just figuring out how to use Zomato better. I had doughnuts at the Fractured Prune, and dinner at The Phoenix Public Market Cafe and Angels Trumpet Ale House. And then I played some video games at the Cobra Arcade Bar, where, for at least a little bit, I had the top score on Donkey Kong. All of which was awesome!

I even managed to finish up writing a script while sitting out by the pool. It was like being Stan Lee, except without the standing.

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