Behind the Scenes of Warning Label, Chapter Two

Behind the Scenes of Warning Label, Chapter Two

Once again, I wrote myself into a corner. “They have an awesome date.” Easy to write the sentence, hard to write the story.

But, I’ve been to a couple gaming bars here in town. I like them a lot. Side Quest and Tabletop. But since I was setting Danielle to work at a Cards Against Humanity type place, going to a gaming bar made a lot of sense. Jeff figuring out that she might like going there would score him points with her. And since she works at such a place, it’d give me the opportunity to have her show him up and have Jeff just roll with it.

It’s fun making up the names to the games, too. Fortress Unicorn is just supposed to be silly. Sohmer’s Day is named after Ryan Sohmer of The Least I Could Do. Zoe’s Quest is named after my friend Kara’s daughter.

in Long Distance, the lead characters have a lengthy geek-tastic conversation. I don’t want to cover the same ground with this series. So, I tried to keep the references to a minimum. But the warp/impulse line was too good to pass on. Not that I don’t want to write banter, though. I’d say the closing walking line covers that.

You’ll notice Jeff mentions watching movies when he grew up. That will be touched on again.

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