Behind the Scenes of Warning label, Chapter Four

Behind the Scenes of Warning label, Chapter Four

First off, yes, I got the math wrong! Six bucks times two is twelve. The discount is wrong. I originally priced the burritos at eight bucks, so it would have been $16.00, and the ten percent discount would have been $14.40… and yes, I still got the math wrong, But only by forty cents. I apologize to all of you, Mr. Yanosko my high school algebra teacher, and numbers in general.


After the dramatic ending of Chapter Three, Chapter Four needed to be a little more low-key. And, as much as the last one, this one sets the parameters for the story. I’m going to reveal some stuff I haven’t revealed before, and while they’re not spoilers, they are very specific.

The important takeaway from this chapter is this: Danielle doesn’t have to change her mind, she has to change her attitude. I thought this through a lot in the concept for the strip. She doesn’t have to become a different person, but hopefully a better one. It’s all about broadening her horizons.

The burrito truck setting came about because my Man on the Ground in Austin Bill told me that these trucks are very, very popular. So, when I had to have them spend a little extra time, a burrito truck was so much more interesting than a coffee shop. (But, for those of you who know my work, don’t worry, there will be coffee in the strip.)

This one’s kind of light on detail. There’s no clever reason behind the name Deja Baja, other than I thought it was funny. Their discussion i pretty straightforward, and the biggest challenge was making the visual of two people sitting and talking funny.

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