Art For Your Eyes

Deadbeats Lettering

Lettering for the Claypool Comics series "Deadbeats"

ConNooga Badge Design

The Love and Capes characters were featured on the ConNooga Sunday badges


Scene Magazine hired me to do a double-page spread illustration featuring the many events and scandals that have

Captain Rochester Lettering

Lettering for "Captain Rochester".

Captain Blue Hen logo

Captain Blue Hen logo design.

Cave Schoolbook Illustration

School Textbook Illustration

Baltimore Bee Shirts

Baltimore Bee shirt design.

Bee Schoolbook

School workbook cover illustration

Armorman Cover

Cleveland Magazine illustration.

Angels and Demons

Angel and Demon piece for Monsters and Dames.

Amy Pond Commission

Amy Pond commission

Applejack and Twilight Sparkle

Applejack and Twilight Sparkle commission


In December, I wanted to learn how to better use Manga Studio as well as my Nostromo Gaming Pad to be more

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix digital illustration

The Phantom

Digital illustration of the Phantom.