Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl Valentine

Valentine’s Day Art Special!

Because of my romance-themed books (Love and Capes, Long Distance, the mysterious Project: Burgundy that you’ll find out about soon, and Something Else Awesome that I Can’t Say yet), I’m often associated with Valentine’s Day. That’s fine with me. I’m thrilled to have a spotlight every February.

It’s two weeks until Valentine’s Day, so I’ve decided to draw a different super-couple couple every day. I’ll post process stuff to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and then, at some random time, I’ll make it available to purchase.

It’ll be first come, first served for these 9×12, full-color originals. They’ll be $80 (all prices include domestic shipping) on the day they go live. $100 afterwards. And then, on the 20th, I’ll yank them all back and then you can buy them at shows for $120.

Also, if you want to pre-buy them, contact me and we’ll set that up for the “day after” price of $100. I’ll still post the work, but it’ll be marked as pre-sold.

The Hawkman and Hawkwoman, seen in the header above,  one will post at 3:00pm Eastern Time today.

Morning Warm-Up: Space Ranger

Rick Starr, Space Ranger was mentioned on the last episode of DC’S Legends of Tomorrow, so I thought he’d be a good morning warm up.

The piece was done in Manga Studio, flatted in Photoshop with shading added in Painter. These experiments not only get my brain up to operating temperature but let me mess around with new techniques that I can try on new projects. Like the new unannounced project I have, but hey, I just drew page three of it yesterday. More news when I can!