Havoc and Polaris Valentine Art Available!

Valentine’s Day Art Special!

Because of my romance-themed books (Love and Capes, Long Distance, the mysterious Project: Burgundy that you’ll find out about soon, and Something Else Awesome that I Can’t Say yet), I’m often associated with Valentine’s Day. That’s fine with me. I’m thrilled to have a spotlight every February.

It’s two weeks until Valentine’s Day, so I’ve decided to draw a different super-couple couple every day. I’ll post process stuff to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and then, at some random time, I’ll make it available to purchase.

It’ll be first come, first served for these 9×12, full-color originals. They’ll be $80 (all prices include domestic shipping) on the day they go live. $100 afterwards. And then, on the 20th, I’ll yank them all back and then you can buy them at shows for $120.

Also, if you want to pre-buy them, contact me and we’ll set that up for the “day after” price of $100. I’ll still post the work, but it’ll be marked as pre-sold.

The Hawkman and Hawkwoman, seen in the header above,  one will post at 3:00pm Eastern Time today.

Fifteen Years Ago

Today’s a big day for me. No, not the voting thing. Though, yeah, that’s important.

But fifteen years ago today, I left my job at the Markell Company, an ad agency that had been home for years, and jumped into the world of full freelance. I’d never really wanted that, but in January of 2001, a switch in my brain flipped and I realized that it was time to go.

It’s been a weird, wonderful ride. I’ve done a ton of work, travelled more than I ever thought I would, met a lot of great people, made some wonderful friends and every day I get to get up and do the thing that I know is the reason I am on this earth.

I’ve done things I never thought I would. As of today, I’ve written two animated TV shows (Ultimate Spider-Man and none-of-your-buisness yet), three short films (with Jon Monson-Foon) and I created three comic series: Love and Capes, Long Distanceand Raider (as well as a 24-Hour Comic Day book, Haunted). I did caricatures for a national commercial. I work on the My Little Pony comic (and a new issue comes out this month!). And that’s just what I’ve done so far. I’ve got another new series coming out next year and hopefully much more.

I proudly call myself a cartoonist.

It hasn’t all been smooth. There have been a few rocky times to be sure. But that’s okay, it’s a wave. Good times, bad times, you prepare for them and keep going. Nothing’s knocked me down for the count yet and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure nothing ever does.

I wouldn’t do anything else. I don’t know that I could.

To everyone who’s come along with me on this ride, thank you! Here’s to another fifteen years, and beyond!


My One-Act Play

So, almost a year ago, I entered a one-act play competition at the Fine Arts Association here in town. (Spoiler: I didn’t win.) It had to be a ten-page script, set in one location that you could do on a tight budget. With those things in mind, and probably some others, I went up to Panera, my preferred writing spot, and knocked out a play. Over lunch.

Is it the greatest thing in the world? I’m sure it’s not. But looking back, it’s still fun. I really want to write something Sorkin-esque, and this certainly does pay some homages there. I love sparkling dialogue. Since it won’t be produced, I think it’s about time it gets out to the world at large. So, if you want to read it, download it here.

And while it didn’t win, the script and my story of writing it as I ate a Turkey Cranberry Flatbread did lead to my association with Brian Ward and Team Slushpile for the 48-Hour Film Competitions. So I definitely won something out of it!