VD Day Looms on the Horizon

Due to the weirdness of the publishing market, I had to get the cover for Love and Capes #3 done before I’ve even finished up #2. The third issue will be out for Valentine’s Day. Mark must take on his most difficult super-feat yet: helping Abby find a date for her sister Charlotte.

Meanwhile, I’m in the home stretch of issue #2. I just finished a scene that brings back fan-favorite character Amazonia. Originally, I wasn’t going to have here appear in the second issue at all, but everyone liked her so much, I couldn’t leave her out. We will get to see another member of the Liberty League in the second issue, two. Doctor Karma, sorceror superb.

As with most stuff, click and embiggen the Love and Capes cover to the left.

2 Responses to “VD Day Looms on the Horizon”

  1. Paul Storrie Says:

    Er, Thom?

    I think it’s either “VD” for “Valentine’s Day” or “V Day” or just Valentine’s Day.

    VD Day is, I think, something else entirely.


  2. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    [...] Love and Capes will put out issue #3 for Valentine’s Day; here’s the cover. [...]

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