All I Want For Christmas…

I’ve already started receiving some Christmas presents this year. It’s common enough, you exchange with your friends when you see them. And while I’ve already gotten some major winners (fortunately the New Frontier Absolute Edition was shrinkwrapped so my drool didn’t get on it), one of the best so far is Johanna Draper Carlson’s review of Love and Capes #2. You can read it at her site, but, I’m going to pull out my favorite bit:

And maybe it’s me being sappy because of the season, but I teared up a little when I saw what they got each other. Actually, it’s more accurate to say what they thought up to give, because it’s the concept of the gifts, and how they required observation and truly knowing the other’s desires, that makes them meaningful.

So much of creating comics is an insular process. An issue of LnC takes two to three months to produce. That’s ninety days of not knowing if your story works and will find a large audience. So getting feedback, especially good feedback… well, that’s just a great present.

Oh, and just for giggles, here’s another panel from the new issue. Since issue #2 establishes that Mark’s parents live in Northeast Ohio, I figured it wasn’t a stretch that he went to my high school, too.

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