FCBD Review

Johanna Draper Carlson has some nice things to say about the Free Comic Book Day issue of Love and Capes at Comics Worth Reading.

Love and Capes (Maerkle Press) is my favorite superhero series. Since the issues are normally $4 (and worth it!), getting one for free is a great deal. How apropos that this issue (#4) opens with the Crusader (in his civilian identity) and Abby (his girlfriend) going to see the new Arachnerd movie. Picking on a spider-character is timely and a good choice to demonstrate the series’ humor. The book also explores how a superhero in his secret identity puts up with his girlfriend’s family picnic and follows Abby to a theater audition. Aside from the funny, I love the way the two leads seem like they have a real, loving relationship.

2 Responses to “FCBD Review”

  1. John gallagher Says:

    Way to go Thom!

  2. Jesse Jackson Says:

    Another great review! Does that ever get tiresome? I wouldn’t think so….

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