Where I’ve Been

I’ve kind of gone off the grid, haven’t I? I figure I should share some of the reasons why.

The first is Love and Capes. As I type this, I’m a quarter of the way through the last issue of this arc, and it has to be done by the end of the month. It’s fair to say that’s sucking up a lot of the oxygen in my world right now.

Also, there are two more projects coming that I can’t tell you about. They are things that I know you’ve heard of. I’m bumping my head on that double-edged sword of success. The cooler the projects, the less I can say about them. At least one of them should be announced next month. As soon as I can say something, I will.

Plus, there was Baltimore Comicon, Cincinnati Comic Expo, Wizard Ohio and New York Comic-Con.

And, for a lot of reasons, I’ve decided to head out to LA for an extended trip. That’s been fun, but there were a lot of logistics to manage. They’re now managed and that’s settling down.

Fortunately, that means I was able to be here for Halloween, which means that I got to go to the Disneyland Trick or Treat event. The Haunted Mansion becomes Nightmare Before Christmas-ified, with a new story and ride elements. It’s fantastic!

Plus, there was candy. Lots of candy. And carrot sticks and apple slices, but really, CANDY!

There were some unique sights there. There was a villains farewell show that was pretty good for not featuring the two villains who are my favorite: Chernobog and Hades. If they were in the show, it would have been awesome squared.

We did get to see something I’ve never even imagined being at Disney: Super Goof! The Disney characters came out in costume, and Goofy was dressed as his super hero self. That brings back memories of Gold Key Comics and Super Goobers. Hey, Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm, why don’t you bring that back?

Thanks to some friends, we also got to spend Halloween at the Magic Castle, the club for magicians. That was awesome. I can’t think of a better place to spend October 31st.

And yes, they had candy, too.


So, I’m going to try to update this blog at least once a week until the crazy times are over, and then get back to better and more regular postings. The same with my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Sometimes it might just be a panel with fake dialogue from the new book, who knows? But it’ll be good to bounce around this corner of the internet again.

Pictures of Disneyland follow. Click and embiggen!

Disney's Spoooky EntranceGhostly Singers in the LagoonNot So Hidden MickeySuper Goof… blurry, because he was moving at super speed, you knowIf it just had a demon that could be scared away by a choir

4 Responses to “Where I’ve Been”

  1. Alex Johnson Says:

    Just remember that housing and most things are way more expensive in CA than in OH. :)

  2. Cathy Enneper Says:

    Glad to hear you had a good time. Congrats to California they should be happy to have you for a while, glad you are busy.

  3. Missy L Says:

    I love halloween at disney. We skipped the trick or treat party this yr. But in the past we came home with 2 one-gallon sized ziplocks full of candy. Crazy! We missed the villians show but got to meet hook in the side tent show.
    The nightmare b4 xmas haunted mansion ride is my fav as that’s my all-time fav movie. So I could ride that all day long to see jack, zero and sally and smell the gingerbread. And to see what masterpiece gingerbread house they do each year. Amazing!
    I’m dying to see the magic castle one day. We saw the outside tho this past oct. Hehe
    It was awesome meeting you at nycc!
    So glad you’re busy and doing so well. You deserve it! Much success to you!

  4. regina maerkle Says:

    Happy to hear ur having a good time. We have elec but ur hse & Mike’s don’t maybe by tonite. So far CEI left our backyd in a mess

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