Process Post: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

This was the last Kickstarter reward I had on my list: An Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld commission. I decided to go all in and add her pegasus/unicorn.

The Super RoughLike previous pieces, I started out digitally and did an extremely rough sketch. I wanted to give her a strong, confident pose, the kind of note she might have struck at the end of the First Roughoriginal miniseries. I worked and which I tightened up.

I printed that out and did a final pass with pencil on a sheet of tracing paper. I’m still learning the Cintiq, and I haven’t hit a comfort level where I can do things to the level I want. I hope to get there soon, and that’s why I keep pushing.Ink Phase

I then scanned in the tight tracing paper art and printed it out Bluelineas a blueline on a sheet of bristol which I inked with brush and a little bit of Micron in the detail. Then I scanned that in and colored it. I tried converting the ink lines to color, too, but not getting too carried away with it. I think it softened the image, but not too much.

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