Couples Commission: Flash and Dale (and Aura)

Not DC or Marvel this time (though I think they’ve been published by both) it’s Flash Gorden and Dale Arden… and Princess Aura.

Flash… aahhh!

I know it’s not a great film, but I really love the 1980 Flash Gordon, complete with Queen soundtrack. There’s a lot of earnest goofyness to it, and I still quote chunks of it. "Hah! Tricked ya, Barin!" And, of course, anything Brian Blessed says.

The designs here are largely based on the Filmation series, which was also pretty good… until they added that pink dragon character, but that’s a story for another time.

This time out, I did digital roughs, a tight pencil pass, transferred via lightbox to bristol and Copic marker color. I did the lightbox to make sure I could erase everything that wasn’t ink, and nothing would be reactivated by the alcohol markers.

4 Responses to “Couples Commission: Flash and Dale (and Aura)”

  1. Sean Says:

    not a great film…it’s THE BEST film! I dare you to find another like it in all your years of movie viewing!

  2. Richard Says:

    Truth is, it is a really great film.

    Funnily enough, Amazonia always reminded me a little bit of Aura, and I’m definitely seeing that unintended similarity here!

  3. Dyl Says:

    I wish you’d post this on deviantART

  4. Thom Zahler Says:

    You know, I can do that. I should do that more anyway, I’ve just gotten out of the habit.

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