Couples Commission: Batman and Talia

Okay, you can keep your Batman/Catwoman relationships. For me, it was Batman/Talia. She was capable of standing up to Batman. She had her own goals, own desires, and was almost as smart as him. Sure, she had the terrifying father figure, but it was always cool how they all respected each other. I loved Ra’s al Ghul calling Batman "Detective." And Batman always asked Talia to reject her father, but never held her choice against her.

Daughter of the Demon

For me, the best story is Mike W. Barr’s Son of the Demon. I think the story still holds up. Batman and Talia actually get married, and I think it’s the basis for Bruce’s son, Damian Wayne. I think. DC’s continuity is so dicey these days, I can’t tell anymore.

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