Twinkie Ads for the Next Generation

This thing called Comic-Con is coming up, and I feel like I should have something new for it. I mean, it’s not like the complete run of Love and Capes isn’t enough, right? Not to mention the chance to meet me. But yeah, I think we need something new, too.

Hokey Old Time Comic Book GoodnessSo, in conjunction with justJenn Recipes, whom you may remember as baking me some Twilight Sparkle cookies back when I helped launch the My Little Pony Micro-Series, we have created a Love and Capes print in the style of the old Hostess ads. Ads which are so awesome that they have been collected by Seanbaby into this fantastic web archive.

Today, all you get to see is this preview image. On Wednesday, head over to justJenn’s site and see even more details. We’ll both have them for sale at our booths at Comic-Con, so drop on by!

2 Responses to “Twinkie Ads for the Next Generation”

  1. passerby Says:

    Where to report problems with website? The “Next” link on page lnc0141.html is wrong, it points to tha same page 41 instead of 42.

  2. K. Alan McDougall Says:

    Foolish me, I sent you a couple of emails to Hopefully you can retrieve them. They should amuse you (in a good way. Honest.).

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