Me and Comic-Con 2013

Comic-Con is this week. You may have heard, it’s been in all the papers. So this will probably be my last post before the craziness of the con sweeps me away.

So, first, don’t bother trying to reach me this week unless you’re about to offer me a boatload of money to do something for you, or your house is on fire. And if your house is on fire, it had better be totally on fire, not just a couple of rooms. Sorry, but that’s just the way these things go. I’ll be back on the grid next week for everything else.

Second, I’ll be on the Kids’ Comics Panel on Sunday at Noon in Room 30CDE. Come on by and watch me say something funny.

Past that, I’ll be at my booth, #2000, the rest of the show. Please bring coffee. I’ll have all four trades of Love and Capes there, more than I can possibly sell during the show. I mean, there’s no way you could swarm me and wipe out my stock. Go ahead, I dare you to try!

I’ll also have copies of my issue of My Little Pony, the original art from that book, pre-drawn commissions and sketchcards, my Rhinos Bowling book in both hardcover and softcover, my San Diego print, the Print Portfolio, and sets of postcards. I’ll also be taking commission requests. And, if you want to make sure things don’t sell out, order it from my site and I’ll make sure to put it aside.

Also, I’ll have a limited number of my new print collaboration with justJENN Recipes! Definitely come by and get one of those.

Edit: I’ll also have Deal of the Day coupons every day. They’ll appear here and on my Twitter feed at 8:00am Thursday-Sunday!

Of course, I’ll be signing anything you’ve got and looking forward to meeting some new people and old friends and having great conversations.

For all the hassles and expense and effort, I love doing Comic-Con. I hope to see you there.

One Response to “Me and Comic-Con 2013”

  1. Yvonne Hunt Says:

    I’ve attended Comic-Con for years now, but this will be my first year as an actual comic reader. Jesse Jackson promised me that I’d love your books and he was right. So I bought them (digitally at comixology…. before the sale! LOL).

    I now have a $50 a month habit. >.<

    I plan to swing by your booth and pick up my pre-ordered t-shirt. *happy!*

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