WIP: My Indiana Comic Con print

I’m working on a cover for something, but I can’t show you that yet. And I just finished another cover, but I can’t share that yet, either, darn it. But I just gots to share something, so here’s the work-in-progress con print for my first appearance at the Indiana Comic Con. It’s Monument Square in downtown Indianapolis.

I’m also working on a print for Chattanooga for next month. Two new cities, two new prints!

One Response to “WIP: My Indiana Comic Con print”

  1. k.alan mcdougall Says:

    Cool pic. Just out of interest…beyond that visit from their younger selves in Vol. 1, have you ever considered spoofing “The New 52″ and “Ultimate” universes? (I can’t help it…I know it really isn’t, but Superman’s new outfit looks like body armour and forces me to paraphrase William Shatner in Star Trek V: “What does SUPERMAN need with BODY ARMOUR???” –Sorry, still need to vent from time to time about that)

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