Coming Soon: The Complete Love and Capes!

The news broke on Twitter last week, but I wanted to officially announce that there will be a Complete Love and Capes collection from IDW this summer. It’s going to include all 24 issues of the series. The only new story page will be the one-page "Hostess" ad I did with Just Jenn (which is the only post-baby story so far). I’m going to put some rarely-seen things in the back matter, including the complete collection of Love and Capes con prints, art done by some comics pros that haven’t been seen before, all the t-shirt designs and more.

It’s going to be quite the package of goodness. You can preorder the book on Amazon here.

6 Responses to “Coming Soon: The Complete Love and Capes!”

  1. Jesse Jackson Says:

    So a Quincy & Mrs. O’Lonegran short adventure isn’t out of the question?

  2. k.alan mcdougall Says:

    Adventure? Blistering love affair, more like it! (i.e. Quincy’d never survive her…intact, at least)

    And you did mean “The Complete Love and Capes” SO FAR, RIGHT???

  3. Alex Johnson Says:

    Are you going to offer a signed, numbered, sketched special edition from your store?

    You should, you can charge more and probably get it.

  4. Alex Johnson Says:

    Oh, and I have dibs on first signed, numbered (#1 of xx), sketched copy.

  5. Alex Johnson Says:

    Maybe the first four even. Comic book collectors are crazy.

  6. Thom Zahler Says:

    We’re still working the details out with IDW about hardcover/softcover/con exclusives, stuff like that. As soon as I know, I’ll be posting it here!

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