LNC for Free!

Yes that’s right, Love and Capes for free, and I’m not talking about Free Comic Book Day this time. The first three issues of Love and Capes are now available for digital download from Wowio. So if you want to check out comicsdom’s favorite superhero romantic comedy (said safely since I believe I’m the only one) check them out online.

And, as time goes on, I’ll probably post the Raider series, “Long Distance”, maybe even “Women Do and Say…”

2 Responses to “LNC for Free!”

  1. Jesse Jackson Says:

    Went to the site and down loaded all 3 copies. Very cool and very easy to do.

  2. Love and Capes Catchup » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    [...] so far, at an $8 discount over buying them individually. The first three issues are available online free at Wowio. There are also lots of samples at the book’s [...]

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