It's Been One Week…

..since Free Comic Book Day. I mentioned that Love and Capes #7 got a ton of good reviews. I’m posting links and excerpts of them here, along with links to their websites, presented in no particular order. Really, I’m amazed and heartened by all this online acclaim. Stuff like this makes it easier to begin the long process of doing the next book.

"If your friendly neighborhood comics shop limits you to just but one free comic on Free Comic Book Day, that free comic should be my pal Thom Zahler’s Love and Capes #7 [Maerkle Press]. This issue of "the heroically super situation comedy" marks a major development in the lives of book-store owner Abby and her boyfriend Mark, who is also the Crusader, the most powerful super-hero on the planet. In 24 filled pages, we get holiday fun with the families, heartwarming moments, incredible gifts, dialogue so clever that I literally laughed out loud on at least three occasions while reading the issue, some of the most likeable characters in comics, and some of the most inviting art as well. Issue after issue, this is one of the best comics published today."

Tony Isabella, Tony’s Tips

"Love and Capes #7 • A neat little romantic comedy in superhero drag: The Crusader wants to find exactly the right moment to propose to his girlfriend, but family issues, holidays and occasional spates of crime fighting are getting in the way. It’s an airy, self-contained coda to the recent miniseries, and artist Thomas F. Zahler makes visual ideas from contemporary animation work on the page. A-"

Douglas Wolk,

"…there’s one I really like, Love and Capes, which is a sort of romantic comedy superhero sitcom about a superhero and his normal girlfriend. The cartoon style is similar to newspaper cartoons, and it’s sweet and funny."

Shanna’s Adventures in Publishing (and life)

"I found this an amusing comic, which makes creative use of its pastiches of Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne (here an African-American billionaire who in his heroic alter-ego is the best friend of the Superman-type hero), Ma and Pa Kent, etc."

Anthony’s Annotations

"… an extremely important issue of the series, in which The Crusdader struggles with proposing to his girlfriend Abby. It is a pretty touching issue, and extremely well done. Clearly it is a critical moment in the overall series, so much of one that I am honestly surprised they are giving it away for free. High marks all around – this one was definitely good enough to pay for." (Four and a half smacks)

"Maerkle Press is publishing a neat little romance book called "Love and Capes," which is essentially a light-hearted romance between a Superman-pastiche named Crusader and a bookstore proprietor named Abigail. It sounds cheesy and passe, I know, but I read the free issue and I’ve got to say, it warmed the cockles of my heart. "

Stock Monkey

"Love and Capes issues always make me go “eeeeeee” with happiness after reading them. They’re terrific with their blend of romance, superheroes, and comedy."

Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

"Thomas Zahler bills his series as "The Heroically Super Situation Comedy" and indeed, the focus of this book is more on gentle, tongue-in-cheek parody and screwball comedy than the never-ending battle of the costumed set…Zahler injects a defining sense of humanity to his characters that helps them rise above the too-obvious parallels. Mark and Abby come across as a realistic and likeable couple (one member of whom just happens to be able to fly and crush coal into diamond). Abby’s sister Charlotte provides humorous outsider commentary on the superhero world while struggling with real world issues of her own. The shadowy Darkblade is a more down-to-earth and supportive best friend than Bruce Wayne’s alter ego ever was. This earnest approach combined with Zahler’s humorous dialogue and appealing cartoonist style makes Love and Capes an engaging read."

Eric Lindberg, Broken Frontier

"Think to yourself: What would Superman be like if it were a romantic sitcom à la Mad About You or Friends? Well Love and Capes is the answer with an often hilarious look at a superhero trying to please his bookstore owning girlfriend while saving the world and ducking his ex, an Amazonian princess. Sound familiar? Honestly, this has some sharp writing and really great, light-hearted art work."

Adam A. Donaldson, Lucid Forge

"As I understand it, one of the missions of Free Comic Book Day is to introduce people to comics they haven’t tried previously in the hopes of convincing them to purchase said comics in the future. Mission accomplished, Free Comic Book Day…Just about each page is a romantic-comedy beat with its own punch line, moving the story forward but standing on its own. (It’s kind of like For Better or Worse without the icky gender and relationship dynamics.) The characters are sturdy and likeable enough to keep the rhythms from becoming repetitive…It’s a charming, easygoing book about sympathetic people in weird circumstances. It uses those circumstances for comedy and contrast, but it doesn’t let them overwhelm the core charms of the story."

Precocious Curmudgeon

2 Responses to “It's Been One Week…”

  1. jesse jackson Says:

    What a great group of reviews! To paraphase Sally Field, they like you, they really do like you. Looking forward to issue 8 and beyond.

  2. Dan Grendell Says:

    Back to BNL! I caught Rihanna and I think Captain Tractor there too. Interesting selection so far.

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