Toys Redux

Yesterday, I posted about my "I Love Comics Toys" article at Newsarama. I sent a link to it to my aunts who built the houses, and they responded with photos from that Christmas (thankfully there’s only one where you can see me at all). This is what the dollhouses looked like before we lost so much of the stuff.

My Aunts were even smart enough to buy us two sets of figures, and hold on to the second set until we, as kids do, lost much of the first.

Here are the photos showing the superhero houses in their prime…


5 Responses to “Toys Redux”

  1. Jesse Jackson Says:

    Coolest relatives ever! This is a great idea and they did such a great job!

  2. Jeanetta Says:

    There are no words to describe how impressed I am with those!

  3. RAB Says:


  4. Eugene Says:

    Seeing Captain America and the Hulk sharing a wall….

    I see a reality show!

  5. Blog@Newsarama » Blog Archive » Sorry, old chum, but you need to finish waxing my car Says:

    [...] Zahler, who wrote this week’s I ? Toys here on Blog@, shares a few more pictures of the Marvel and DC houses his aunts made for him as a kid. I like Aquaman’s pet seal in the picture above, as well as [...]

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