The One With All the Answers

Like I said, you’ll have questions. I figure there are four main ones:

What does the “T” stand for?

It's like saying "Hi, Mom" isn't it?In the finale of Love and Capes: What to Expect, we see that Mark’s son grows up to become a superhero and has come back in time to save the day thirty years in the future. We never find out his name, though. But all the clues are there.

James is wearing a costume with the same colors as his mother’s when she had superpowers back in Love and Capes (original series) #10. Back then, she went by the name Titania. So he grows up and becomes Titan to honor Abby. His costume is a mix of Crusader’s design and Titania’s colors.

Remember this?In the future, Lord Blackseed tries to destroy Earth, and the only antidote was a Chlorovore. Starlet remembers the last time one came to Earth she and Major Might fought it thirty years ago. (Major Might would obviously not say much to preserve causality.) So, Starlet, using her gravity powers, sends Titan back to swap himself for Major Might. He’s got the power set to pass himself off as the Major anyway.

How does Paul figure out the baby will be a boy?

Go back and look at the panel where the first screech gate opens. Crusader’s in pain. And Major Might has the look of someone who is hearing something but trying not to react to it. Because he can hear it. He’s got Mark’s powers, so he has super senses… a fact he later lies about in the kitchen scene with his mom.

Paul notices this, as evidenced by his distraction in the next panel. At that point, he knows Major Might isn’t actually Major Might, but also deduces he’s not an immediate threat. He suspects its Mark’s son, based on the day and the powers evidenced, but he also checks in with Major Might’s civilian identity and learns what’s happened.There's a really horrible reference photo of me making that face, too.

Do you hate Avengers?

No, not at all. I liked it quite a bit. But more a movie with superheroes, there was a lot of killing at the end. As the estimable Chris Sims pointed out, if you would have told a comics fan that the Avengers movie would end with our heroes covered in Chitauri blood and the smartest man in the film nukes the bad guys, you would have been worried.

So, I just had to take a swing.

Is this the end of Love and Capes?

Also, I quite like that they shot in ClevelandThis is the end of this miniseries, not the end of Love and Capes. I am, however, taking a break for a bit. The last couple of years have been a bit of a pressure cooker getting two six-issue monthly series out in two years, especially since I draw, ink, color and letter the thing myself. I want to make sure that I treat these characters well and not burn out and do lackluster work. I owe them and, more importantly, I owe you the best work I can do. So I’m going to do some other things including the My Little Pony that’s coming out next month, and do some new things. When the time is right and I’m ready, I’ll be back.

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