What I’ve Been Up To!

  • 04Oct

    My #NYCC 2016 Schedule

    I’ll be at New York Comic Con this week. I’ll be at C12 in Artist Alley the whole show, excepting… Thursday 3:00-4:00pm: Signing at the IDW booth Friday 12:30-1:30pm: I’m doing a teaching workshop  Family HQ – 1E16 Also, my “Captain Kirk and His Ladies” piece will be auctioned at the NYCC charity auction. The original and a

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  • 12Aug

    My One-Act Play

    So, almost a year ago, I entered a one-act play competition at the Fine Arts Association here in town. (Spoiler: I didn’t win.) It had to be a ten-page script, set in one location that you could do on a tight budget. With those things in mind, and probably some others, I went up to Panera, my

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  • 18Jul

    My SDCC Schedule

    My SDCC schedule:   THURSDAY 3:00-4:00 MY LITTLE PONY SIGNING IDW Booth   FRIDAY MODERN ROMANCE COMICS 2:00-3:00 Room 32AB Once a staple of the Golden Age, romance comics have faded into the background in recent years, but now they’re making a comeback and tackling a wider variety of love stories than ever before! Carrie

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  • 31May

    Space City Wrap-Up

    I did the Space City Comic-Con this past weekend in lovely Houston, Texas. You may have heard about the show on the internets. Here was my experience. All of the show volunteers and workers that I had occasion to interact with were amazing. In particular, Cheryl did an amazing job and made sure I was taken

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  • 14May

    My Pal, Darwyn

    Lots of people are going to write things about Darwyn. They should. Someone who gave us so many great stories deserves more than a few himself. Here’s mine. I came to Darwyn’s work through The New Frontier. It’s still one of my favorite comics ever. I had it next to me when I started Love

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  • 20Apr

    Crazy Ideas on How Castle Can Work Without Beckett

    ABC’s Castle is one of my favorite shows. It was a show that was almost custom-built to appeal to me. It starred Nathan Fillion (like John Cusack, he exudes that “Wouldn’t you like to be me” vibe) as a cocky successful writer (more things I’d like to be) who uses his writing skills to solve murders (how cool is that?) with

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The Legend of Thom Zahler!

Thom Zahler is the code name for America’s daring, highly trained special cartooning force. Its purpose: to bring awesome artwork to the world… and also to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. But mostly the cartooning thing.

Commission some art! 

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