What I’ve Been Up To!

  • 27Jan

    My Art (and many others) Immortalized on Fabric

    Over on Twitter, Canterlot Radio shared this pic of My Little Pony fabric. See that “EVER” and the picture of Twilight Sparkle in the center of it? That’s pulled from my Twilight Sparkle “Pony Tales” story. How cool is that? Also on there looks to be Andy Price, Tony Fleecs, Heather Breckel and

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  • 26Jan

    All the Tools in Your Toolbox

    I was reading on StarWars.com about the new Star Wars comic by Jason Aaron and John Cassady, and came across this: That’s an interesting thought. It may work just fine for this project, but in general, I’m against it. When you adapt something into comics, or any medium, there are changes you have to make.

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  • 20Jan

    Freelancing: Being Your Own Travel Agent

    As a cartoonist, I spend a lot of time as my own travel agent. Conventions are part of my business, but that means managing hotels and airfares and rental cars. Some cons bring me in, and that’s wonderful. But not all of them do. And you have to do the math: CON PROFITS – (TRAVEL

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  • 18Jan

    Color is Part of Storytelling

    I came upon this over at Comicbookmovie.com… I can’t say how important I think this is. One of the things I really liked about the first Pirates of the Caribbean was it’s warm gold and orange palette and how different it was than anything else out there. The next movie went to that more common desaturated blue and green

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  • 17Jan

    Storytelling Advice from Professor Zoom

    I was reading CBR’s interview of the awesomely talented Tom Cavanaugh (please, someone put Ed on DVD), and came upon this gem. I think that’s true in Arrow, too. It works well for those shows, and I think it’s a great lesson to keep in mind in writing in general. Maybe you planned for something to take

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  • 09Jan

    Freelancing: Teaching

    Wednesday, I had the opportunity to go teach at Hawken School for a day. I was doing a presentation/workshop on the history of comics and how to make them. There was a decent amount of work involved, including a couple of Keynote presentations and building some worksheets. But it was totally worth it. I had

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The Legend of Thom Zahler!

Thom Zahler is the code name for America’s daring, highly trained special cartooning force. Its purpose: to bring awesome artwork to the world… and also to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. But mostly the cartooning thing.

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