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  • 21Oct

    New York Comic-Con Wrap-up

    New York Comic-Con was last weekend and it remains one of my favorite shows. The separate artist alley works really well for me (your mileage may vary, of course) so sales were good and I got to meet a lot of fans old and new. I think NYC might be my biggest sketching/original art show.

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  • 20Oct

    Disney Art Leave Behind

    I have seen more than a few artists go to the Disney Parks and leave some behind. Under the sage advice of Amy, I have decided to do the same. I’ll tweet about them when I leave them behind with some hints. It’ll start on Wednesday, so be

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  • 20Oct

    Backlog: The Cincinnati Comic Expo

    I’ve got a brief break between conventions where I can catch up on my adventures at other conventions. A few weeks back, I was at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. I’ve been lucky enough to have been a guest of this show from the start, and it’s great to see a show grow so well and

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  • 14Oct

    HYDRA style guides

    How can you have an ultra-secret organization without a proper logo? I mean, how would people know who you are? Obviously, HYDRA understands this on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  And I can tell, because I’ve found the HYDRA style guides.

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  • 13Oct

    New York Comic-Con 2014 sketch roundup

    I had an absolutely amazing time at New York Comic-Con this past weekend. Big thanks to Mike Negin and his incredible staff of volunteers. I'll write more later, of course, but I wanted to share my commissions from the show.

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  • 08Oct

    That NY/NJ State of Mind

    So, this is too long for a tweet and I had to share. I drove to New York for New York Comic Con today, because, you know, I'm a man of the people. And, as I'm waiting in the line of cars to enter the Lincoln Tunnel, I see some guy on a motorcycle clearly angry at a van he's next to. Maybe the van didn't let him merge in. I can tell you having just gone through that gauntlet, the zipper concept of "one side goes and then the other" is lost on these commuters. Anyway, the motorcyclist pounds the van a couple of times. And then the van driver gets out, smacks the guy in the helmet, and drags him and his motorcycle into the median and waves down a cop. What happened after that, I don't know. The traffic opened up and I went through the tunnel. But out of all the New York things I've seen, that may have been the New

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The Legend of Thom Zahler!

Thom Zahler is the code name for America’s daring, highly trained special cartooning force. Its purpose: to bring awesome artwork to the world… and also to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. But mostly the cartooning thing.

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