What I’ve Been Up To!

  • 14May

    My Pal, Darwyn

    Lots of people are going to write things about Darwyn. They should. Someone who gave us so many great stories deserves more than a few himself. Here’s mine. I came to Darwyn’s work through The New Frontier. It’s still one of my favorite comics ever. I had it next to me when I started Love

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  • 20Apr

    Crazy Ideas on How Castle Can Work Without Beckett

    ABC’s Castle is one of my favorite shows. It was a show that was almost custom-built to appeal to me. It starred Nathan Fillion (like John Cusack, he exudes that “Wouldn’t you like to be me” vibe) as a cocky successful writer (more things I’d like to be) who uses his writing skills to solve murders (how cool is that?) with

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  • 10Mar

    Morning Warm-Up: Space Ranger

    Rick Starr, Space Ranger was mentioned on the last episode of DC’S Legends of Tomorrow, so I thought he’d be a good morning warm up. The piece was done in Manga Studio, flatted in Photoshop with shading added in Painter. These experiments not only get my brain up to operating temperature but let me mess around with new

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  • 09Mar

    Arkham Sessions T-Shirt

    My friends Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward do the excellent The Arkham Sessions podcast, reviewing Batman villains from a psychological point of view. They’re going to be part of the new Imzy community, a new social media platform, centered on a positive community, in beta now. To promote the site, and because I designed the header for their podcast

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  • 22Feb

    My Wizard World Cleveland Schedule

    I’ll be at Wizard World Cleveland this weekend. Sure, my commission list is open and I’ll be at my table most of them time, But if you like seeing me on a stage talking about stuff, you’ll have three separate opportunities to do that, too! FRIDAY 4:30 – 5:15PM HOW TO DRAW FUNNY! WITH THE SIMPSONS’ PHIL ORTIZ,

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  • 17Feb

    Amazing Arizona 2016

    I just got back from the Amazing Arizona Comic-Con. It’s a bit of a difference, going from walking around in shirt sleeves and writing out by the pool in Phoenix to the admittedly-pretty but very chilly Cleveland tundra. I had a great time out at the show! I hosted a My Little Pony meet up

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The Legend of Thom Zahler!

Thom Zahler is the code name for America’s daring, highly trained special cartooning force. Its purpose: to bring awesome artwork to the world… and also to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. But mostly the cartooning thing.

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